Baileigh Hand Brake HBR-7222

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The HBR-7222 racer brake from Baileigh Industrial is the perfect choice for those HVAC shops or race car fabrication shops that produce and hang their own bodies. The HBR-7222 racer brake has a capacity 22 gauge mild steel and 20 gauge aluminum at a full 6’ and features fully welded construction made from steel plates with support trusses on the top and bottom for even more support.

The beam on this sheet metal brake has a right and left precision cam lever arm to lift each side or drop for clamping the material. The HBR-7222 also features adjustable clamping pressure for more delicate work. As with most Baileigh Industrial sheet metal brakes, a stand is standard equipment.

For more information this or any other Baileigh Industrial product, contact a knowledgeable Baileigh Industrial representative

Thickness (SS) 22 ga.
Bend Angle 0 - 120°
Power Manual
Shipping Weight 410 lbs.
Shipping Dimensions 80" x 16" x 23"