Baileigh Gear Driven Dual Miter Band Saw BS-350SA

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New Baileigh Gear Driven Dual Miter Band Saw BS-350SA

The BS-350SA semi-automatic band saw is the perfect saw for shops where light production is the normal. The BS-350SA runs on 220V, single phase power and has a cutting capacity of 10-1/2”. The best part of the BS-350SA is that it has a full cast iron bow and can miter 60 degrees right/45 degrees left.

The BS-350SA blade drive features a 2hp motor which is driven by an AC inverter to deliver the reliability that most shops demand. The best thing about being inverter driven is that you can make speed changes, on the fly, from 66-280 fpm. Being able to change speeds helps blade life and gives the best possible cut. Other features of the BS-350SA that help achieve great cuts are: full cast iron head and bow (machined to exacting tolerances), precision ball bearing guides, and a large capacity flood coolant system.

The BS-350SA uses an industrial grade hydraulic system to power all semi-automatic actions. These actions include: raising and lowering of the head along with clamping and releasing the vise. These actions are initiated with the use of a foot pedal. The other settings are set at the control panel.

The best part is the BS-350SA semi-automatic band saw is typically in stock for fast deliveries. If you would like more information on the BS-350SA band saw.

Motor Hp 2
Return Hydraulic
Miter Adjustment Dual Swivel Head
Miter Angle 0 – 60°, 45°L
Motor High Torque 1.5Kw (AC)
Capacity Round 90 x 45 x 60 x 45L 10.63" x 9.45" x 6.3" x 8.28"
Capacity Rectangular 90 X 45 X 45L 13.77" x 8.66" x 9.45" x 6.3" 7.3" x 4.33"
Capacity Square 90°/ 45° / 60° 10.24" x 8.66" x 5.9" x 7.09"
Table Height 35"
Blade Guide Carbide x Roller
Blade Speed (fpm) 66–280 Variable
Descent Control Pressure Assist Hydraulic
Drive Gear
Power 220V / 1-phase
Shipping Weight 1,167 lbs.
Shipping Dimensions 72" x 30" x 66"
Dimensions L x W x H 72" x 30" x 66"