Baileigh Four Roll Plate Roll PR-603-4

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The PR-603-4 four roll plate roll would be a great addition to any fabrication shop or sheet metal shop that has a need to roll ¼” mild steel in 6 foot lengths.

The PR-603-4 plate roll uses a planetary gearbox connected to a robust 4hp motor to drive the top and bottom rolls at a solid 16 feet per minute. For even more forming power Baileigh Industrial uses direct linear piston movement for the lateral or forming rolls. Unlike other plate rolls that use orbital movement for the lateral rolls, the direct movement feature allows the operator to form tighter diameters with less work. The PR-603-4 plate roll uses an industrial 1.5 hp hydraulic motor to move the lateral rolls. Three digital readouts are also included to give an accurate roll location. Each PR-603-4 four roll plate roll includes an operator control pedestal to control all movements of the machine.

The PR-603-4 plate roll is designed for years of trouble free use. Please call a Baileigh Industrial customer service representative for more information on the PR-603-4 plate roll or any of the other Baileigh Industrial machines.

Special Capacities

  • Capacity at 5x roll diameter without pre bending .315"
  • Capacity at 1.5x roll diameter without pre bending .236"
  • Capacity at 1.5x roll diameter with pre bending .157"
Working Length 78.74"
Forming Width 80"
Driven Rolls 2
Roll Speed 16 fpm. (5 mpm)
Upper Roll Dia. 7"
Roll Adjustment Back Hydraulic
Roll Diameter 7.4"
Side Roll Dia 5.9"
Roll Length 80.70"
Minimum Forming Dia 10.6"
Motor 4 hp
Power 220V / 3-phase
Shipping Weight 7,700 lbs.
Shipping Dimensions 138" x 43" x 51"