Baileigh Form Bender FB-4

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Tired of making your bends with a hammer and a vise? Baileigh Industrial’s FB-4 metal benderis a useful tool for press bending ornamental iron, mild steel, aluminum and other metals. Easily mounted to any bench top, this flat bar bender is a manual press brake and can create bends up to 90 degree by simply turning a hand lever until the desired angle is accomplished.

The FB-4 is perfect for hobbyists, ornamental iron artists, and much more. Of course this is not a production bender, but is perfect for small runs or those one off applications. Baileigh Industrial typically keeps the FB-4 metal bender in stock for quick shipments.

For more information on the FB-4 or any of the other high quality tools available from Baileigh Industrial, contact a representative today.

Capacity 3/16"
Power Manual
Shipping Weight 19 lbs.
Shipping Dimensions 17" x 7" x 8"