Baileigh Foot Shear SF-5216

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The SF-5216 stomp shear from Baileigh Industrial is unlike anything on the market. The fit and finish of the SF-5216 is unrivaled in the industry. This heavy duty manual shear is made in Taiwan and is capable of shearing 16 gauge mild steel sheet metal over its entire 52” length. The SF-5216 is made from solid steel construction for maximum rigidity. This rigidity helps the shearing process by having less deformation at the start of the cut, which provides a better cut.

The SF-5216 is easy to operate, simply put your material between the blade and the table, and stomp the foot pedal. There is also a finger guard for safety when shearing. Other features are a front gauge and back gauge range of 24" for repeatable cuts time and time again.

Back Gauge Length 24"
Shear Length 52"
Thickness (SS) 16 ga. (20 ga.)
Front Gauge Length 24"
Blade Angle
Power Manual
Shipping Weight 996 lbs.
Shipping Dimensions 67" x 29" x 53"