Baileigh Finger box pan Brake BB-3616E

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Sometimes a job requires a more delicate machine to get the job done. The large robust sheet metal brakes that most metal fabrication shops haves might be to difficult to operate when working with short pieces of sheet metal. That is where the BB-3616E finger brake fits in, its small size allows for easier operation while not sacrificing on quality. It is a Baileigh Industrial sheet metal brake, so it is built to the best standards, but at an economical price point that will not break the bank, just sheet metal.

The BB-3616E sheet metal bender has an assortment of 10 fingers to allow for fabricating various depths and sizes of boxes and pans out of sheet metal that is 16 gauge mild steel or thinner sheet metal. This finger brake’s heavy-duty construction consists of plate steel and an electro welded frame work that allows for crisp bend angles even at the middle of the beam at full capacity.

This finger brake has a heavy counter weight to assist lifting the apron, which comes in handy when bending at full capacity. There is a finger gap adjustment on the right and left of the bend brake to allow for different gauges of material.

Thickness 16 ga. (20 ga.)
Stand Yes
Box Depth 2"
Bend Angle 0 – 135°
Power Manual
Shipping Weight 271 lbs.
Length 36”
Shipping Dimensions 47" x 16" x 23"