Baileigh Double Sided Beveling Machine CM-50DS

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The CM-50DS is a unique double sided beveling machine for steel, stainless steel, aluminum, or any other shearable material. This great metal chamfering machine is very versatile and acts like many machines built into one.

Heavy Duty Plate Beveler

  • Automatic feeding - automatic feed speed adjustment with inverter
  • High speed milling head with very tough inserts
  • 15-60° infinitely variable angle, without replacing any parts
  • Material thickness .275” – 2.75” or 7 - 70 mm
  • The electrical circuits are enclosed in a dust proof box, equipped with all the safety devices necessary.
  • Conforms to CE regulations

Included manipulator stand for the CM-50DS provides a simple quick 180° rotation to create double sided bevels.

  • The unique clamping system allows the CM-50DS to be assembled and disassembled within a few seconds, without using any tools
  • The operator does not need a crane to rotate the material. There is a significant saving of work time.
  • The stand for the CM-50DS is "floating" and can compensate for the unevenness of the floor, or the deformations of the steel plate.
  • Stand allows the easy manipulation of the beveller
  • The required height of the machine can be set up by an easy to use lift handle
  • Movement of the machine is provided by massive wheels mounted on the carriage

The CM-50DS also includes a table for smaller material processing without sacrificing the bevel capacity. To find out more about the CM-50DS plate beveling machine from Baileigh Industrial contact a representative today.

Max. Bevel Width (15°) 2.44"
Max. Bevel Width (45°) 2"
Bevel Angle 15° to 60° Variable
Material Thickness .275" to 2.75"
Min. Material Dim. 7.8" x 3.93" x 2.75"
Max. Material Thickness Unlimited
Cutting Speed 0-3.9F/min.
Cutting Motor 5.25 hp
Feeding Motor 1/8 hp
Milling Head 3.34" with 5 Inserts
Motor 5.25hp
Chamfer Size 0 – .236"
Chamfer Angle 15 – 45°
Shipping Weight 640 lbs.
Shipping Dimensions 33" x 49" x 62"