Baileigh CNC Roll Bender R-CNC80

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Another popular machine from the Baileigh Industrial Family is our new R-CNC80 machine. With enough power to handle up to 2.5” Schedule 40 Pipe this monster of a machine is nothing to take lightly. Together with cutting edge CNC technology and industry leading quality the R-CNC80 machine can bend a vast variety of profiles and/or complex extrusions. The X axis encoder makes it possible for the user to program a desired material length and the machine will automatically fed to that appropriate distance which will come in handy for production run parts. The X Axis works simultaneously with the Y axis to provide smooth transitions between bends while giving the operator the option to attach and save part numbers for each of the bend programs.

The R-CNC80 machine comes standard with a complete set of universal tools used for bending, square tube, flat bar, Solid material, angle, and more. The machine can be used in the horizontal or vertical position which is beneficial especially when bending lengthy material and wanting to avoid large parts from swinging overhead. This is nearly a glimpse into the benefits and features of the R-CNC80 Roll Bender. Please call our Sales Department directly to discuss your application and to see if the Baileigh Industrial CNC Roll benders are right for your company.

  • 40 programs
  • 24 different parts (segments) per program
  • 75 profile calibrations
  • 2 Speeds (rotation of the rolls)
  • 4 Speeds (Top roll movement)
  • Top roll movement can be progressive or direct

Progressive – Top roll go to position with profile moving.

Direct – Top roll go to position with profile stopped.

For more information on the R-CNC80 roll bender or any of the other quality roll benders that Baileigh Industrial sells, contact a customer service representative.

*Some applications require optional tooling. Please contact a Technical Sales Specialist at Baileigh Industrial with specific application details.

Driven Rolls 3
Roll Adjustment Hydraulic
Pipe Capacity Size: 3" (sch. 40) / Min. Dia.: 64"
Round Tube Capacity Size: 4" (.075") / Min. Dia.: 68"
Square Tube Capacity Size: 3.15" (.157")
Flat Bar Easy Way Size: 5" (.75") / Min. Dia. 38"
Flat Bar Hard Way Size: 4.5" (.50") / Min. Dia.: 42"
Angle Iron Capacity Size: 2.75" (.375") / Min. Dia.: 36"
Shaft Diameter 2.55"
Shaft Center Distance Adj. (lower rolls)
Upper Roll Dia. 6.693"
Lower Roll Dia. 6.693"
Motor 7.375 hp
Pinch Single with Interchangeable Bottom Rolls
Digital Readout Yes
Power 220V / 3-phase
Shipping Weight 1191 lbs.
*Optional Tooling Some applications may require optional tooling. Please contact a Technical Sales Specialist at Baileigh Industrial with specific application details.
Dimensions L x W x H 59" x 40" x 66"