Baileigh Belt Grinder BG-248-3

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The BG-248-3 three wheel belt grinder from Baileigh Industrial is a unique grinder that has a great number of uses in any shop. This 110V grinder has a total of five contact wheels all of varying radii, making it a true radius master. Two of the wheels are fixed and one is adjustable. The adjustability of the BG-248-3 grinder comes from its third wheel which rotates allowing the operator to choose from 1”, 1-1/2", and 2” dia. for the perfect finish on any part. The two fixed wheels feature 3-1/2” and 8” dia. respectively.

The BG-248-3 belt grinder is built like all Baileigh Industrial machines, to give you the best value on the market. It uses only top quality components, like sealed bearings, ground and hardened shafts, and quick release handles for fast conversions. Grinding tables are definitely a must have on a belt grinder and the BG-248-3 includes three of them to match up perfectly with the different radii of the contact wheels. Baileigh Industrial also includes a heavy duty stand that allows the grinder to be tilted on its side for easy access for those awkward grinding situations.

Motor 1.5 hp
Belt Size 48" x 2"
Belt Speed (ft./min.) 3,600 fpm
Power 110V
Shipping Weight 175 lbs.
Shipping Dimensions 48" x 31" x 43"
Dimensions L x W x H 48" x 31" x 43"