Baileigh Bead Roller BR-22

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No HVAC shop should be without the BR-22 bead roller from Baileigh Industrial. Designed specifically for HVAC application the BR-22 is one of the toughest bead formers on the market today. The body of the BR-22 is made from heavy duty cast iron and sports a full 7 inches of throat depth. It can form various profiles in 22 gauge mild steel sheet metal.

This bench mounted manually operated bead roller comes with the most popular sizes of forming rolls for HVAC work. 1/4" turning, 1/8" turning, wiring, crimping, burring, and ogee Beads are all part of the package. A material depth stop is also included to help the operator achieve the straightest lines possible.

Throat Depth 7"
Capacity (Mild Steel) 22 ga.
Power Manual
Shipping Weight 71 lbs.
Shipping Dimensions 20" x 18" x 8"