Baileigh Automatic Cutoff Saw CS-475AV

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When you have a shop that is cutting stock to length all day, every day, it is time to look at the efficiency of the process. That is where the CS-475AV automatic cutoff saw from Baileigh industrial comes in. This fully automatic saw will save time and money over nearly any other way of cutting stock. The CS-475AV is a column style saw that has four blade speeds; 35, 60, 70, and 120. The options for the different speeds makes the CS-475AV a good saw for cutting many different types of metal. This is a 90 degree cutoff caw that has a maximum capacity of 4.92 inches.

The CS-475AV features automatic material feeding, hydraulic vise clamping, and cutting. The automatic feeding system on the CS-475AV features a touch screen interface that displays the length of cut and the current operation. The CS-475AV is extremely easy to use and has a series of user adjusted switches that determines the length of cut. The material feed system has floating vise that is adjustable and can open to more than 5 inches. When feeding material the CS-475AV uses a maximum of three strokes between cuts to achieve a maximum cut length of 77”.

The hydraulic vise is controlled by a 3hp motor for great clamping force to ensure the material stays where it needs to be. The blade motor is a powerful 5hp model and the whole machine runs on 220volts of three phase power. A flood coolant system and a large operator safety guard rounds out the package.

For more information on the CS-475AV or any other Baileigh Industrial cutoff saw contact one of our representatives.

Max. Blade Diameter 17" - 16" standard
Operation Automatic
Head Miter None
Round Solid at 90° 3"
Square Tube at 90° 4.92" 4.92"
Round Tube at 90° 4.92"
Coolant System Yes
Vice Style Single Action with Floating Feed
Max. Vice Opening 5.9"
Head Style Column
Arbor Size 1.26"
Motor 5 hp
Blade Speed Four-Speeds, 35 / 70 & 60 / 120 (rpm)
Power 220V / 3-phase
Shipping Weight 6,600 lbs.
Shipping Dimensions 96" x 72" x 86"