Baileigh 3-in-1 Shear Brake Roll Machine SBR-4020

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Baileigh Industrial's SBR-4020 combination shear, brake and roll has a very small floor plan that can be bench or stand mounted. It combines a metal shear, a press brake and a slip roll all into one machine making it perfect for those small sheet metal shops or garage shops with limited space.

The SBR-4020 can shear, brake, or roll up to 20 gauge mild steel and 16 gauge aluminum, with material that is up to 40 inches wide. The manual press brake can bend up to 90 degrees in sheet metal. The upper beam of the press brake has hardened adjustable dies that allows the fabricator to make certain boxes and pans. The manual metal shear can cut at full capacity across the entire width of the machine. The manual slip roll has hardened rolls with three wire grooves for small round stock. A back gauge is also included to help with repeatability.

Like all Baileigh combination shear, brake and roll machines, it offers years of use at a very affordable price. Contact a Baileigh industrial representative for more information.

Max. Material Thickness (Stainless Steel) .019"
Rolling Capacity 20 ga. (.036”)
Shear Capacity 20 ga. (.036”)
Min. Rolling Dia. 1.70”
Bed Width 40"
Bending Capacity 20 ga. (.036”)
Power Manual
Shipping Weight 461 lbs
Shipping Dimensions 53" x 18" x 29"