Used Baileigh Magnetic Sheet Metal Brake BB-4816M

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Used BB-4816M magnetic sheet metal brake is a unique box and pan brake that has endless bending possibilities when compared to conventional sheet metal brakes. Requiring a common 220 volt, single phase power supply this folding machine can bend boxes or pans to almost any depth since it isn't reliant on conventional finger depths. A powerful magnet in the bending bed can be engaged by foot pedal or push button control to hold down a mild steel clamping bar of almost any configuration across the bed width or bed length. The sheet metal is pinned between the magnetic mild steel clamping bar, at this point the bottom bending leaf can be lifted to complete the bend.


Thickness (SS) 16 ga. (20 ga.)
Box Depth Unlimited
Clamping Force 6 ton
Bend Angle 0 – 180°
Max. Clamping Bar Lift Magnet Unlimited
Power 220V / 1-phase
Shipping Weight 470 lbs.
Length 48”
Shipping Dimensions 57" x 45" x 15"