Duro Dyne 28076 LSU Advanced Liner

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Manufacturer: Duro Dyne Hand Tools HVAC Sheet Metal
Item: Duro Dyne 28076 LSU Advanced Liner Sizer for
up to 60 inch Insulation
Description: Duro Dyne 28076 LSU Advanced 60" Liner Sizer.
LSU Advanced Liner Sizer is an enhanced version of the popular Model LS5 making
it capable of cutting cotton fiber insulations, filter media, rubberized
products and other unusual materials. The cross cut and slitter blades are
mechanically gear driven to spin while cutting. This spinning action shears the
material to create precise cuts in the most difficult of substances. Width: up
to 60". Roll Diameter: up to 40". Liner thickness: 1/2" throught 2". Liner
density: 1-1/2 to 6 lbs density. Optional: Slitters up to 5. Includes one cross
cut blade to cut the insulation to length and one cutter to the width. Sheet
metal fabrication insulation cutting machine.
Number: Duro
Dyne 28076 LSU Advanced Liner Sizer