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 Birmingham 16" x 40" High Speed Precision Gap Bed Lathes - YCL-1640

  • 7 1/2 HP
  • One-Piece cast iron base
  • 12 speeds from 25-2,000 RPM
  • D1-6 Spindle with 2 9/32 inch bore
  • 60 Kinds of inch threads from 112-2tpi
  • Main spindle hardened and precision ground
  • Bed made of fine grain high tensile cast iron
  • Bedways induction hardened and precision ground
  • Main spindle supported at 3-point by precision bearings

Standard Equipment:

  • Follow Rest
  • 14 inch Face Plate
  • 7 1/2 inch Steady Rest
  • 10 inch 3-jaw Chuck
  • 12 inch 4-jaw Chuck
  • Operation and Parts Manuals
  • Coolant System
  • Halogen Work Light
  • Removable Gap
  • 4-way Tool Post
  • Thread Chasing Dial
  • Hand Oil Pump for Ways
  • Centers and Sleeve
  • Tool Kit with Tools
  • Automatic Kick-Out Longitudinal Carriage Stop
  • Full Length Foot Brake
  • Full Length Splash Guard


Max. swing over bed 16-1/8"
Max length of workpiece 40" or 60"
Max swing of carriage 8-13/16"
Max swing in Gap 25-3/16"
Width of bed 11-13/16"
Spindle nose D1-6
Diameter of spindle thru bore 2-9/32"
Taper of spindle center M.T.#6
Spindle speeds 25-2,000 RPM, 12 steps
Longitude feeds .0011"-.633"/REV,42 kinds
Cross feeds .00033"-.01837"/REV,42 kinds
Metric threads 0.1-14mm,41 kinds
Inch threads 112-TPI,60 kinds
Module threads 0.1-7mm,34 kinds
Diamentral pitch threads 112-4DP, 50 kinds
Max. travel of cross slide 12-3/16
Max. travel of top slide 5"
Diameter of tailstock quill 2-3/8"
Taper of tailstock quill center M.T. #4 of tailstock quill  4-13/16
Net weight 4100(16"X40") 5100(16"X60")

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