Used Rotary Phase Converter 5 Horse Power PL-5

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Used North America Rotary Phase Converter 5 Horse Power PL-5


Pro-Line Rotary Phase Converter PL-5

Pro-Line is the Professional Series, digital start, CNC rated, general-purpose rotary phase converter designed to take common single-phase energy and supply full running current to three-phase equipment.

What’s Included with the Pro-Line PL-5 

  • Control Panel
    • NEMA 1 Enclosure (Indoor)
    • Built-in Motor Starter
    • Digitally Controlled and Protected Start Circuit
  • ABB-Baldor Idler/Generator Motor
    • ODP (Open Drip Proof) – Indoor Rated
    • Soft Start
  • Description

    PL-5 BEST SIZED FOR:  pl5
    Best Performance Single Motor Start:  2.5HP
    Recommended 3 Phase Sizing:   7 Amps

    Easy Motor Loads up to 3HP…  Table Saw, Drill Press, Milling Machine
    Medium Loads up to 2.5HP… Belt Sander, Grinder, Mixer
    Hard Loads up to 2.0HP…  Gearhead Lathe, Dust Collector, Fan
    Very Hard Loads up to 1.5HP (Consider Smart-Boost)…  Air-Compressor, Submersible Pump

    PL-5 SPECS   pl5 
    Minimum Single Phase Input Circuit  15 Amps
    Single Phase Input Voltage:   208 – 245 Volts
    3 Phase Output Voltage:   208 – 245 (Based on Input)
    Voltage Balance:   2 – 5%
    Idler HP Size:   5
    Model:   PL-5

    Weight 89 lbs
    Dimensions 17 × 12 × 8 in

Call for more info 877-528-2809